Dear Webmaster,

Below are instructions to include the Arutz-7 Latest News scrolling headlines on your homepage. Your website visitors will now be able to check the Arutz-7 headlines via your homepage. When they click on a story, they do not leave your page, rather a separate window opens up.

Note in the instructions below that you can dictate the height and width of the scroller as it will appear on your website. The scrolling headlines will always list the last news items posted. Sometimes the scroller will also display a "Top news story."

You must receive written permission from Arutz Sheva to post the Latest News Scroller on your website.

Below is an example of the html code to insert into your page and how this example would appear on your website.


Parameters accepted:
c=XXX - number of news items to display in scroller (up to 20)
h=XXX - height of the scroller in pixels
w=XXX - width of the scroller in pixels